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  • Convoluted Technologies Pty Ltd's dedicated team is highly experienced and takes great pride
    in the quality, range and flexibility of products and services that our company offers.
  • Convoluted Technologies Pty Ltd has state of the art hose
    manufacturing facilities Located in Western Sydney, Australia.
  • A Convoluted Technologies Pty Ltd quality product supplied today is
    better than a product supplied tomorrow.
  • Convoluted Technologies Pty Ltd is dedicated to supplying all types
    of Industry with the highest quality products and service.

  • Convoluted Technologies Pty Ltd's dedicated team of employees always
    aims to meet our distributors individual needs.
  • Convoluted Technologies Pty Ltd large inventory allows us to supply
    your products with the shortest possible lead times.
  • Convoluted Technologies Pty Ltd Pressure welding and fabrication
    capabilities meets the highest possible standards.

Welcome to Convoluted Technologies Pty Ltd

Convoluted Technologies Pty Ltd is based in Seven Hills NSW, and we have the following product range to complement your business:

We are a manufacturer of: Flexible Metal Hose Assemblies, Interlocked Metal Hose, Composite Hose, Composite Hose Assemblies and hot Bitumen Transfer Hose Assemblies.

We stock: AS2475 threaded hose connections for bituminous materials, Mil specification Camlocks ( CT lock ), Heavy design industrial male BSPT and NPT threaded hex hose tails ( CT hex ), Protective Sleeving (Silicone coated fibreglass fire sleeve aerospace grade, plain fibreglass sleeve, ultra high temp silica sleeving, stainless steel braided sleeve, interlocked armour guard and crimp rings), Flexi-Flue and Exhaust Hose.

A large inventory of raw materials and stocked items allows us to commence working on orders immediately for the best possible delivery outcome, no matter where you are in the country.

Our Services include: Used Bitumen Hose Cleaning and Re-Certification, in-house Hose Pressure Testing,  Welding Services, Food grade Fitting Welding, Pressure Pipe Welding and Fabrication Services.

Our quality product range is available Australia wide through a network of well- known and experienced distributors. With this comes the benefit of local knowledge and instant technical support, to supply you with the right product for the right application.

Our Sales, Engineering and Manufacturing Team of employees are highly skilled tradesmen, with significant industry experience which ensures we meet all our customers’ individual needs.


  • Custom made composite hose assemblies
  • Fuel Code 1001 composite hose assembly complete with Petrolock end connections
  • Hydrocarbon composite transfer hoses
  • Oil Code 901 composite hoses with stainless steel flanged ends
  • Chemical Code 969 composite hose with 6 inch flanged end

  • Chemical and solvent composite hoses

  • Chemical Marine PTFE Code 971 composite hoses with stainless steel flange ends

  • Chemical Code 969 composite hose with a 6 inch camlock

  • Annular corrugated metal hose assemblies
  • Stainless steel flexible metal refrigeration hose

  • Pump Connectors

  • Cryogenic metal hose assembly

  •  Metal gas hose

  • Flexible metal gas hose assembly

  • Stainless steel flexible metal vibration eliminators
  • Super flex flexible metal hose assemblies
  • Metallic hose assembly
  • Braided hose assembly
  • Standard flex hose assembly complete with stainless steel flanges
  • Flanged Superflex metal hose assembly
  • Industrial metal interlocked grain hose
  • Flexible interlockeds metal diffusion armour
  • Polygonal interlocked exhaust hose complete with lap band clamps
  • Pneumatic flexible metal conveyance hose
  • Bitumen fittings  transfer hose assemblies AS2475

  • Flexible metal interlocked bitumen transfer hose
  • Bitumen spayer handbar-hose assemblies
  • Standard flex bitumen transfer hoses
  • Convoluted Technologies products complete with CT Lock couplings
  • CT Lock Camlocks 633B style
  • Female Quick connect coupling 633 C style
  • CT Lock kamlock couplings range
  • Stainless steel mil spec camlock coupling with crimp ferrule
  • CT Lock Camlocks coupling 633C style
  • CT Lock Camlocks 634B style
  • CT Lock mil spec cam and groove couplings
  • CT Hex hose tail NPT thread in stainless steel 316 grade 20 mm to 100 mm NB fully machined long tail
  • CT Hex stainless steel hose tail with crimp ferrule
  • CT Hex hose tail BSPT and NPT thread in Brass 20 mm to 100 mm NB fully machined long tail
  • CT Hex hose tail BSPT thread with seat in stainless steel 316 grade 20 mm to 100 mm NB
  • Silicone coated fibre glass fire sleeving on a flexible metal hose

  • Silicone coated fibre glass fire proof sleeving Silica sleeving Fibre glass sleeving Stainless steel braiding

  • E glass also known as Fibre glass sleeving
  • Stainless steel over braiding
  • Chimney liner with adaptors

  • Flexi flue

  • Flexible flue with adaptor

  • Wood fire flue
  • Purge welding for food industry
  • Fabrication and pressure welding job to the AS 4041 standards
  • Pressure pipe welding to the ASME IX B31.1 Code
  • Pipe spools fabricated by Convoluted Technologies Pty Ltd
  • Pressure pipe TIG welding and fabrication by Convoluted Technologies Pty Ltd
  • Food grade TIG welding assemblies
  • Welders qualification and weld procedures were required for these pipe spools
  • Welding in compliance with the ASSDA food specifications
  • V loop hose expansion joint for earthquakes
  • Fire loop seismic joints for fire sprinklers
  • Flexible expansion loops for water gas fire sprinklers and sanitary
  • Stainless steel hose expansion joint for seismic thermal and building movement

Contact us

  • Head Office
    Unit 2 / 163 Prospect Highway
    Seven Hills NSW 2147, Australia
    Postal Address
    PO Box 559
    Seven Hills NSW 1730, Australia
  • Sales & Engineering
    P: 02 9838 9599  Int: +61 2 9838 9599
    F: 02 9838 9611  Int: +61 2 9838 9611
  • Email us
    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Eastern States Sales Rep
    Siem  0422 398 298
  • Western States Sales Rep
    WA, SA, NT:
    Jim    0402 582 120
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Design, manufacture and supply of flexible metal hose assemblies, interlocked metal hose, composite hose, composite hose assemblies, pressure pipe welding & pipe fabrication, thermal protective sleeving and associated products.