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Metal Hose

Convoluted Technologies stock both Standard-Flex and Super-Flex Convoluted Hose which is hydraulically formed from Stainless Steel 316 L grade strip. Standard outer Braiding is Stainless Steel 304 grade other grades can be done on request; the hose configurations are available in Un-Braided, Single Braided and Double Braided with a large variety of end connections made from Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel, Copper or Brass in any possible configuration.

For unique applications we can provide all components, Stainless Steel 316, Monel 400 Hose and Braid, C276 Hose, Bronze Hose and Braid, Ultra Flexible Hose or extreme High Pressure Hose. Contact our sales staff if you have an enquiry about specialty products, if it is not in our standard catalogue. We carry specialty items in stock - if we don't have it, we can arrange to get it.

Product features:

Temperature range from -270 °C to + 816 °C, chemical resistant, no gas permeation through the hose wall, unlimited shelf life, available in a range of sizes from 6 mm to 300 mm inside diameter, all hose manufactured to ISO10380. Corrugated hose and hose assemblies, standard fittings manufactured to ISO 10806 Fittings for corrugated metal hose, custom made end fittings, in-house Hydro, Nitro and Vacuum testing facilities, immediate turn around, technical support. If requested before manufacturing we can provide full material traceability, testing and inspection plans, third party inspections, oxygen cleaning and more - just ask our sales staff.

Australian Gas Association (AGA) Convoluted Technologies carries full certification approval for Flexible Metal Hose Assemblies to AS 4631-2005 Standard and Super-flex hose assemblies from 6mm to 50mm inside diameter with a maximum pressure rating of 2600 kPa and assemblies from 65mm to 200mm inside diameter with a maximum pressure rating of 1500 kPa. Our certificate number is 6745.


  • 316L Standard Flex Hose with Springuard and bronze fittings
  • 316L Standard Flex hose with a single layer of 304 braid
  • 316L Super Flex hose with a double layer of 304 braid
  • Annual corrugated metal hose
  • Convoluted stainless steel Standard Flex hose assemblies complete with table E flange and male union
  • Cryogenic stainless steel flexible metal hose assembly fully covered with flexible metal diffusion armour 20m long
  • Flexible expansion loops for fire sprinklers, water, gas, waste water and sanitation
  • Flexible metal hose with toe nipples
  • Metallic hose pump connectors
  • Refrigiration vibration eliminators
  • Stainless Steel drop hoses 4 inch with fixed and floating flanges
  • Stainless steel braided metallic hose assemblies
  • Stainless steel flexible metal hose with floating flange
  • Stainless steel hose expansion joint for seismic and thermal building movement
  • V loop hose expansion joint to compensate for seismic activity

Contact us

  • Head Office
    Unit 2 / 163 Prospect Highway
    Seven Hills NSW 2147, Australia
    Postal Address
    PO Box 559
    Seven Hills NSW 1730, Australia
  • Sales & Engineering
    P: 02 9838 9599  Int: +61 2 9838 9599
    F: 02 9838 9611  Int: +61 2 9838 9611
  • Email us
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  • Eastern States Sales Rep
    Siem  0422 398 298
  • Western States Sales Rep
    WA, SA, NT:
    Jim    0402 582 120
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