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Interlocked Metal Hose

We are a Manufacturer of stainless steel Interlocked Hose, also known as Stripwound Hose, by helically winding a preformed strip of 304 grade stainless steel over a forming mandrel and folding together the adjacent edges in compliance with ISO 7369 and ISO 15465 standards.

Depending on the preformed shape of the strip, strip thicknesses and mandrel shape, we are able to make a range of different products with a similar outside appearance. Therefore it is most important that our sales staff are fully informed about the application where the stripwound product is to be used.

Featured products are:

  • Polygonal interlocked stripwound exhaust hose
  • 3S interlocked stripwound premium high temperature exhaust hose, special designed to function directly behind the turbo exhaust of trucks
  • Interlocked stripwound exhaust hose lap band clamp
  • Industrial heavy duty interlocked stripwound hose for pneumatic conveyance and exhaust 
  • Flexible interlocked stripwound metal hose diffusion armour to protect hoses and cables (under test conditions the diffusion armour contained a sharp stream of hydraulic oil passing through a 1 mm predrilled hole when the pressure was raised to 800 Bar and held for 1 minute with perfect fluid diffusion happening).

Find out more about these products from our friendly sales staff.

  • Dry bulk material handling hose
  • Flexible exhaust hose and lap band clamps
  • Flexible metal cryogenic transfer hose assembly complete with interlocked abrasion and difusion armour
  • Flexible metal interlocked diffusion armour
  • Hose crush protection
  • Interlocked bitumen transfer hose
  • Jack hammer hose protection
  • Polygonal exhaust hose cut to size complete with lap band clamps
  • Stripwound interlocked metal hose range
  • Sugar grain and stockfeed handling hose
  • Truck exhaust hose
  • polygonal 3S and industrial interlocked metal hose

Contact us

  • Head Office
    Unit 2 / 163 Prospect Highway
    Seven Hills NSW 2147, Australia
    Postal Address
    PO Box 559
    Seven Hills NSW 1730, Australia
  • Sales & Engineering
    P: 02 9838 9599  Int: +61 2 9838 9599
    F: 02 9838 9611  Int: +61 2 9838 9611
  • Email us
    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Eastern States Sales Rep
    Siem  0422 398 298
  • Western States Sales Rep
    WA, SA, NT:
    Jim    0402 582 120
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